Art Museum Etiquette

Anyone who knows me knows that I love art. I started calling myself an artist in middle school. I’ve always enjoyed drawing, coloring, and painting. In eighth grade, I got really into it because I won two art contests. By the time I got to high school, I was painting almost every day after school. During my senior year, I took AP Art History, which ended up being my favorite class. That’s when I gained a better understanding of art and learned to appreciate it.

In my free time, I like going to art museums. Whenever I travel, in addition to finding a spot with the best wings and fries, I set my sights on checking out a new museum. Attending art events and viewing exhibits are exciting to me because no matter what, I learn something new. Most importantly, I’m inspired to develop my own craft.

If you’re like me and enjoy visiting museums, or if you’re wanting to discover more about art in your area, here are a few tips on art museum etiquette.

  1. Don’t Touch the Art:

    This is number one at any museum. Would you want people putting their hands on something you worked hard on? Keep your hands to yourself.

  2. Show Your Support:

    If you find an artist that you like, keep up with them! Visit their website to view more of their work and make a purchase if you find something you like. It’s also great to become a member of your local museum. You’ll get updates on exclusive events and specials all while supporting the community.

  3. No Pictures:

    Always ask before taking photos. I remember not being able to take pictures at all at museums. Now with social media, a lot of museums encourage more interaction. Be sure to ask just in case.

  4. Monitor Your Feedback:

    If you see a piece that you think is hideous, be careful who you tell. A few years ago, I went to an exhibit and the artist was standing right beside me. I was happy because I love her work and it was an honor to let her know that in person right in front of my favorite piece. Can you imagine how awkward that situation would have been if I had said something rude about her work not knowing who she was?

What are your favorite museums to visit? Got any recommendations? Add them in the comments!