How to Deal With Office Potlucks

A lot of people out here just aren’t clean. I’m a germaphobe. I try my best to avoid office potlucks. I’m iffy about people that I know personally. Why would I eat something at a potluck? No thanks.

Potlucks usually happen at work, school, church, or other group settings and I almost always find an excuse to miss out. I’ll stop by and chit chat but if you bring something from your house, don’t expect me to eat that. 

When I had to host the annual potluck at one of my old jobs, I would get most of it catered and ask people to bring sides. Guess who never ate the sides that didn’t come with the food that I ordered... 

If you’re like me and potlucks just aren’t your cup of tea, here are some tips on how to get through them: 

Bring Something For Yourself 

This is number one for a reason. You gotta eat. Bring something that you like and focus on that. I went to a cookout once and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to eat much since I don’t eat pork or red meat. I brought potato salad from Food Lion, ate chips, and a couple of rolls. That was good enough for me. Volunteer to bring what’s good enough for you. 

Make Your Own Plans

This sounds terrible but that’s your business. Instead of having to explain why you don’t want to try Sharon’s green bean casserole because she barely washes her hands, just don’t go. Some reasonable excuses are, “I can’t make it, I have a meeting, “ or “I brought my lunch and I really need to finish this project.” If you’re really bold, simply say, “Thanks for the invite, but I don’t do potlucks.” 

Get There Early 

If you’re a little more trusting with the food selection but still on the fence, be one of the first ones in line. You’ll get to see who brought what and act accordingly. You’ll also get to make your plate before everything gets picked over.

Spare Other’s Feelings

So let’s say you do decide to try Sharon’s green bean casserole and it’s disgusting, you don’t have to run and tell everyone. It’s just a simple gathering, it’s not like she’s your personal chef. Whenever you go to a potluck, people who cook are gonna wanna know what you think. Just say something sweet to keep the peace and go on your way. Next time, if it’s trash, skip over it and go to the next dish. 

Good luck as you navigate through potlucks this holiday season. And don’t bother sending me an invitation because I’m not coming.