Ghosting Etiquette

If you’re reading this you’ve probably been ghosted, ghosted someone, or know someone who’s been ghosted. If not, and you’re wondering what “ghosting” even means, it’s exactly how it sounds. Ghosting is basically talking to or dating someone then disappearing. It may sound strange but trust me, it happens a lot. 

Why? I think it happens because people simply don’t know how to communicate their feelings. It’s hard to tell someone you’re not interested after you’ve been on a date or two. But it’s necessary. You can’t just leave people hanging. Especially if you’ve met them in person. 

In my honest opinion, if you meet someone through a dating app and you’ve never actually met in person, it’s fair game. The person you’re chatting with may or may not even been who they say they are. However, if you’ve actually gone on a date and decide it’s not the right fit, you owe it to that person to at least say, “Sorry, but this isn’t for me. 

We live in a world where people hide from interpersonal interactions yet we’re glued to our phones. If you’ve lost interest in dating someone, teling them is hard, but dealing with what could happen without an explanation can be worse. Also, it’s not what you say but how you say it. Try your best to be kind and break it to them easy. No one wants to be rejected. On the other hand, you never know, that person might not be into you either! Then maybe the two of you can still be friends.

If you reaize the person that you are interested has officially ghosted you, try not to take it personal. .

Here are some tips to help deal with being ghosted:

  1. Move On: You met a great person. You really hit it off and you figured the feelings were mutual. Obviously they weren’t. What can you do? You can’t make anyone care about you. Hold your head up and keep it moving. If you start blowing up their phone, or trying to convince them that they made the wrong decision, the only thing you’re actually doing is pushing them further away.

  2. Keep Dating: More than likely if you were ghosted, it was by someone you weren’t in a relationship with. Also, if you ghost someone who’s your “exclusive” partner, you’re a terrible person. There’s no rule that you have to be loyal to someone who isn’t loyal to you. It didn’t work out with one, guess what, there’s more out there! Dress up and go out with your friends! And post the best selfies and stories you can take because the ghoster is probably still going to creep on your page. 

  3. Don’t Pass It On: Being ghosted is not a good feeling. So don’t do it to others. The next time you’re in a situation and you realize you’re no longer, interested, let that person know. Being honest is the best way to go, no matter how hard the truth is. . 

My only advice for someone who’s still thinking about ghosting someone is this - don’t do it. 

What are your thoughts on ghosting? How does being ghosted make you feel? Have you ever ghosted someone? I’m curious to hear about your experiences.