How to Deal With Coworkers You Don’t Like

Can you think of a coworker that you don’t like? I bet you can name more than one. We don’t always get to pick who we work with. If there’s someone on the team that isn’t a joy to be around, we have to learn how to deal with it. Sometimes, this is even harder than work itself. Here are a few tips that I recommend to get through it.

Find the Silver Lining

Focus on something that you DO like about that person. I know. You probably can’t imagine anything decent about your work enemy. It doesn’t have to be work related, it could be something simple. So and so wears really nice glasses. So and so doesn’t smack when they chew. So and so always brings snacks. Even if you have to dig deep, find a nice quality to think about when you see that person instead of thinking about all the things that annoy you.


This may sound silly to some but just avoid that person. Don’t make it obvious but if your least favorite colleague has lunch in the breakroom every day at noon, try going at 1:00. You’re going to have to be around that person regardless, so try to find some time away.

Be Prepared

Depending on your reasoning for not liking your coworker, be ready for whatever comes up. If that person constantly talks about politics and you’re not trying to engage in the conversation, have a plan to change the subject. If you’re working with a Negative Nancy, be ready to offer some positivity.

Don’t Tell Everyone

If a certain coworker is the reason for your eyerolls and sighs during the day, it doesn’t need to be broadcasted. You may think you can trust your work friends to keep it a secret, but you never know. You don’t want to risk a public feud with someone that you have to deal with everyday.

Keep Your Cool

Often times, when someone realizes that you don’t like them, they try to make you hate them. If you’re not receptive to certain people, they may get defensive and work even harder to get on your nerves. Don’t allow these types of people to bring you down to their level. No matter what they do to get at you, think before you react.

I have a lot of experience working with coworkers who just were not my favorite people. It’s hard but it gets easier. Whenever it gets tough, I remind myself that I’m getting paid! In the end it’s always best to keep peace in the office. Your reputation will follow you throughout your career. Make sure that what people are saying is good for business no matter where you work or where your next opportunity takes you.

How do you deal with coworkers that you don’t like?