Plan It For The Gram

I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase, “Do It For The Gram.” Many IG users can do just that. Take a quick pic and post without much thought. I’m not one of those users. 

First of all, I’m a perfectionist. I overthink overthinking. I’m working on it. I promise. I have a layout that I’m really liking so far. So I have to plan! Plus I love planning so it works for me. 

When it comes time to post something on my social media, I can’t stand it when I don’t have anything prepared. The occasional spontaneous post is cool but I’d rather have something scheduled. Did I mention I do social media for a living? Based on my experience social media is all about strategy.

I have a mini notebook where I draw up a grid and write down ideas for my layout on my feed. I also do what I like to call, content photoshoots. I pick out outfits, hairstyles, and locations for my best friend/favorite iPhone photographer Nina and I to go out and get the best pictures we can get.

The first time we did a photo shoot, I put together five different looks. I used those pictures for content throughout the next seven months! The only thing I had to worry about was crafting the perfect caption. 

Planning for the gram saves a lot of time and it’s a lot of fun. I highly recommended it to anyone working on their personal brand.  

So when you see me @parissmichelle, like it and know I probably spend a lot of time on it.